Harry Shokler Serigraphs
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image/_vermont_church_111.jpg, 5.8K
Vermont Church 111
image/_vert_country_stre124.jpg, 5.5K
Vermont Country Street 124
image/_vert_covered_brdge_1.jpg, 5.7K
Vermont Covered Bridge 1
image/_vert_covered_brdge_112.jpg, 5.7K
Vertmont Covered Brdge 112
image/_vert_landscape_82.jpg, 6.3K
Vermont Landscape 82
image/_weston_vt.jpg, 5.7K
Weston Vt. 188
image/_winter_in_weston_16.jpg, 5K
Winter in Weston 16
image/_winter_reflections_6.jpg, 4.3K
Winter Reflections 6
image/_winter_walk_i_8.jpg, 4.6K
Winter Walk I 8
image/_winter_walk_ii_194.jpg, 6.4K
Winter Walk II 194
image/_woodshed_39.jpg, 6.6K
Woodshed 39

Sails 27

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